About Me

I discovered Pilates in 1990, at Trevor Blount’s studio in London, after falling from a horse and injuring my back. I was travelling a lot for my job which aggravated my already stressed back and poor posture. The results were remarkable, and my flexibility and posture improved. I came back to Pilates to help my body recover from the birth of my twins, and discovered Body Control Pilates. I was so inspired by the method I decided to train to teach it to others.

I believe that the struggles I have had with my own body have made me a better, more compassionate teacher and I can think of nothing better than to pass on my enthusiasm to others!! I have specialised training in Pilates for the Older Person, and in Pilates for Hypermobility.  I am also a fully qualified and insured ‘Bone Health’ instructor, which means I have training in osteoporosis and related conditions.

My own exercise regime is a mix of Pilates, cycling and running, and I am currently studying Pilates for Runners with APPI to add to my repertoire.

My classes are all based in the Stroud area.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Lovely to read about you, Karen; Im so sorry I messed-up my appt with you this week and I do very much enjoy them – besides benefitting! …..and next week I have my injection at Cashes Green at 11.40. So what to do?

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