About Me


I discovered Pilates in 1990, at Trevor Blount’s studio in London, after falling from a horse and injuring my back. I was travelling a lot for my job which aggravated my already stressed back and poor posture. The results were remarkable, and my flexibility and posture improved. I came back to Pilates to help my body recover from the birth of my twins, and discovered Body Control Pilates. I was so inspired by the method I decided to train to teach it to others.

I believe that the struggles I have had with my own body have made me a better, more compassionate teacher and I can think of nothing better than to pass on my enthusiasm to others!! I have specialised training in Pilates for the Older Person, which enables me to accommodate those with ‘age’ related conditions, such as arthritis and hip/knee problems. I am also a fully insured ‘Bone Health’ instructor, which means I have special training in osteoporosis and related conditions.

I live in Stroud, with my husband Vincent, and of course the twins!

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